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Südkurve München – Wir geben alles … Silk scarf


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Südkurve München – Wir geben alles .. Silk scarf

The new “Südkurve München – Wir geben alles” Silk scarf ,

with two different sides.

Side A: in large letters “Südkurve München” over the entire length of the bell and in the middle is a “Südkurve since 1972” logo with a laurel wreath.

Side B: We give everything for our club and everything for our city. The laurel wreath logo “Südkurve since 1972” is on the ends of the shell.


Material Südkurve München – Wir geben alles .. Silk scarf: 100% polyacrylic

About the designation “silk scarf”: For these scarves, of course, the basic material used for a long time has not been silk, but polyacrylic. The expression “silk scarf” dates back to the 70s, when there were some of these real silk scarf specimens from England. The scarves were not particularly suitable for the “soccer field” due to the very fragile material silk, they were not tear-resistant and did not tolerate moisture well at all. So the printed silk scarf became a printed polyester scarf, weatherproof, tearproof, everything, ideal for the stadium.

But the name “silk scarf” has, funnily enough, survived among us fans in the “stadium language” to this day, so a silk scarf is also a piece of fan history that is still alive today. A real classic!

This München silk scarf was previously only available at our fan shop in the subway station Fröttmaning at home games of FC Bayern München . From now on this scarf is also available for you in our online shop. If you should order this scarf, always honor it (as well as your other red fan articles)! This scarf has been designed with a lot of passion and heart and soul by our Fan-Point team and its quality will last forever. Some of us have been with us since 1972 or longer, others not that long, or some are relatively new, but all of them are red to the core. At that time we produced our first fan articles in the Olympic Stadium and in 1994 we had our first sales booth at the Olymp. For us it is really “red and white – for a lifetime”. We are constantly trying to improve the quality and designs together with our producers. The production of red and white fan articles is not just a job for us, “no” it is a calling and our greatest joy is when you like it.

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